Banks praises Purdy’s “confidence” and improved leadership skills

Banks praises Purdy's “confidence” and improved leadership skills. Originally published on NBC Sports Bay Area

SANTA CLARA – Brock Purdy was quickly thrust into a leadership position when he was named the 49ers' starting quarterback in Week 13 of the 2023 season.

The young quarterback's success was no surprise to guard Aaron Banks, as he observed Purdy's behavior from the first day he arrived at team headquarters.

“Brock came in with a certain confidence and a certain self-assurance that you expect from a leader,” Banks said after Wednesday's minicamp practice. “And I think he's internalized that more and more the more years he's played as a starting quarterback.”

2024 will be Purdy's first full offseason after he made very few appearances as a rookie in 2022 and missed the field in 2023 while recovering from successful UCL surgery. Banks was impressed with Purdy as a rookie and that hasn't changed.

“He was confident then, but he's more confident now,” Banks said. “He's taken on a more confident role in the huddle and in the locker room. It's hard to give an example. It's just a feeling you get from a guy.”

Despite not seeing any real action on offense during the 2023 offseason — including all of training camp — Purdy had a remarkable season. The Iowa State product was even named a finalist for Comeback Player of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year awards for his record-breaking performance.

During OTAs, Purdy was already seen on the field, coaching newer members of the team, including free agents and rookies. The 24-year-old quarterback's leadership was valuable because without it, the team is very unlikely to make it deep into the NFL playoffs.

“I'm excited to see what Brock does this year,” Banks said. “I think he's really confident. I think he's starting to take on a leadership role. What I've seen from Brock is that his demeanor hasn't changed.”

“As far as his work ethic and the way he comes to work every day, it has remained the same since Day 1 when he first came here to OTAs two years ago until today.”

The 49ers have been released on a 40-day summer break, but you can be sure that Purdy will be fully prepared to return to Santa Clara when the team reconvenes for training camp in mid-July.

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