Palword Announces Huge Free Update Download at Summer Game Fest

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Your animal friends will soon have a new home

The Pokémon-like monster taming game Palworld is set to receive a major update thanks to a brand new trailer shown at Summer Game Fest.

Arrival is scheduled for June 27th. Palworld The update includes a new island for players to explore, build on, and of course raise their monster friends while hoping they don't get attacked in the meantime.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Palworld update below!

The update will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and is the first major update for the game since its initial release in January.

The action-adventure survival/monster taming game raced through the Steam charts earlier this year, despite controversy over its potential Pokémon Plagiarism.

However, this did not stop players from diving into the game developed by Japanese developer Pocketpair, and it did not take long for it to reach 2.1 million concurrent players across all platforms.

The upcoming patch, called the “Sakurajima Update,” will not only include a new island, but also tons of new Pals to capture, new buildings, new species, higher level caps, and even a new raid and boss.

As expected with an update title like this, Palworld is even more reminiscent of Japan with its beautiful new location full of sakura trees and an overall picturesque backdrop.

Let's hope that capturing and fighting to the death with our friends will be a little more bearable in such an atmospheric place. Hopefully!

The Palworld The update goes live on June 27th, so it's almost time to boot it back up.

Selected image credit: Pocketpair

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