Jennifer Lopez's hot $386 million movie on Netflix features a 17-year reunion of her 92% RT hit


  • The captivating cast and entertaining story of “Home” contribute to its high rewatch value, as the current Netflix trend shows.
  • Jennifer Lopez's limited animation roles include her significant reunion with director Tim Johnson in Home.
  • “Antz” and “Home” received mixed reviews from critics, with “Antz” being praised for its innovative visual effects and story.

The $386 million commercial hit and currently hot science fiction comedy Home marks an animation meeting for Jennifer Lopez Production took almost two decades. Home is a colorful adventure from DreamWorks Animation in which an outcast but friendly Boov alien named Oh (Jim Parsons) teams up with a teenager named Tip Tucci (Rihanna) to find her mother after they become lost during the Boov invasion of Earth. Lopez speaks to Tip's mother Lucyin a small but important role in Home page warm, family-centered story.

Home page The cast and entertaining premise make for high rewatch value, as evidenced by the film's current trending status in Netflix's top ten movies in the U.S. Lopez is no newcomer to Netflix's top 10, as her recently trending sci-fi action film Atlas, a 2023 action thriller, The motherMovie from 2002 Enoughand a handful of others have all made the charts at some point. When it comes to animation, however, it is much harder to find them represented. In Lopez's film career She has only taken on three animation roles, in one of which she worked closely with a well-known Home figure.

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Home Jennifer Lopez and Tim Johnson reunite 17 years after Antz

Jennifer Lopez lent her voice to Azteca in Tim Johnson’s “Antz”


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Home The film is directed by Tim Johnson, who is not only a DreamWorks director, but also an animator and producer for the animation studio. Well-known films that were produced under Johnson's direction include Sinbad – Lord of the Seven Seas and the Annie Award-winning heist comedy Over the hedge, while for the critically acclaimed and newer animations Disgusting And How to train your dragonJohnson served as executive producer. Long before all these efforts, Johnson directed the 1998 DreamWorks classic Ant, in which Lopez played her very first animated role.

Ultimately, critics adored the
The film's sensitive but entertaining story and beautiful images, which is more to say than Johnson and Lopez's recent collaboration on

similar to Home, Ant Lopez played a supporting role and the worker ant named Azteca. Ant primarily follows Z (Woody Allen), a timid ant who has made it his mission to save the working class population from the tyrannical rule of General Mandible – but as one of Z's closest friends, Lopez' Azteca is also important to Ant story as she supports and even joins Z in getting revenge on her totalitarian society. Ultimately, critics adored the Ant The film's sensitive but entertaining story and beautiful images, which is more to say than Johnson and Lopez's recent collaboration on Home.


The 10 best DreamWorks movies, ranked

From Shrek to The Prince of Egypt to Megamind, DreamWorks Animation has succeeded in producing animated films that push the boundaries of the medium.

Why Antz's ratings are so much better than Home's

Antz was a groundbreaking animation in the late 90s

Z raises his finger while Azteca smiles at Antz

Home is beautifully animated and has an absolutely emotional story that will especially delight children. Compared to Ant, Home page The critical reception is incredibly poor. On Rotten Tomatoes Home has a critics approval rating of 53%, while Ant received a Certified Fresh score of 92%For critics, the Ant The unconventional adult story, the innovative visual effects and the vocal performances by Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Christopher Walken, Sylvester Stallone and other major celebrities have earned the film such high acclaim.

Antz was nominated in four categories at the 27th Annie Awards.

Nor the Ant The praises of the film do not sound too far from what Home has to offer, which raises the question of why critics' reviews of the two films are so different. Much of this may have to do with when the animations were released. In the late 1990s Ant proved to be groundbreaking, especially in the way it was animatedwhile more recently Home apparently it took more to impress the critical eye. Interestingly, judging by the general population, Jennifer Lopez and Tim Johnson's Home Eclipses Ant with an RT audience rating of 64% versus 52% for the latter.

Source: Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes