Discover the best outdoor music events in Illinois and Wisconsin

According to a recent survey on music festivals, Illinois and Wisconsin are among the best places in the United States to attend such events.

Illinois and Wisconsin are home to some of the best music festivals in the USA

I love going to concerts. I do that when I have some free time. I prefer to go to concerts in the summer. There's something special about going to open-air events. Some of my best live music memories have been under the stars in the nicer weather.

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Luckily, where we live in Rockford, there are plenty of great outdoor music festivals in Illinois and Wisconsin to attend in the summer. I know there are some heavy hitters all over the US, but some of the best are here in the Midwest.

Did you know that Illinois and Wisconsin are well represented in the latest list of the best outdoor music festivals in the entire United States? In the top ten, there are two from Illinois and one from Wisconsin.

Audience at the outdoor music festival

Music festivals in IL and WI (monkeybusinessimages)

The first entrant from Illinois is no surprise. Coming in at number six is ​​Lollapalooza. I went almost every year when it was a touring show. Since it's now permanently in Chicago, I've only been once and I had a great time.

The Pitchfork Festival, also held in Chicago, made it into the top 10 best in the United States. Its place on the list is number 8. I have never been to this event, but I have heard a lot of good things about it.


Wisconsin's only entry in the top 10 outdoor festivals in the US comes in at number 10. That's the legendary Summerfest in Milwaukee. You can't go wrong with this event. I have a tradition with a buddy that we go to every year. It's so much fun.

Photos from the open-air concert hall “The Lot” in Clinton, Wisconsin

Photos from the open-air concert hall “The Lot” in Clinton, Wisconsin

Gallery credit: Photos by Double T of 96.7 The Eagle