Destiny 2's Ward of Dawn nerf highlights a problematic Titan Super trend


  • Not only could Destiny 2's new meta leave the original Light subclasses behind due to the impact of the Prismatic subclasses, but the latest balancing pass could cause Titans to abandon their preferred Super.
  • The rework of the Ward of Dawn super to make it more defensive-focused means that a specific exotic item, the Helm of Saint-14, is required to maintain its damage potential.
  • Titan superheroes like Ward of Dawn being based on specific exotics limits the variety of Titan builds and it's disappointing to see such a popular build need an exotic to function like it used to.

Until now, Fate 2The new Prismatic subclasses look set to shake up the meta in a drastic way, leading to fears that some of the original Light and Darkness subclasses will fall by the wayside for the foreseeable future. Regardless of how it compares to the new Prismatic subclasses, a recent rework of one of the Titan's best supers, Ward of Dawn, has now fallen victim to a problematic trend that severely limits its viability in endgame content. Notably, the Ward of Dawn super now requires players to invest in builds based on a specific exotic armor piece to reach its full potential.

This is a recurring trend that several Titan-class supers have fallen victim to, but it is especially sad to see Titan's signature super Ward of Dawn suffer the same fate, as this was one of the Titans' most unique support supers. Going forward, it might be best to Fate 2 to rebalance some of the Titan Supers that suffer from relying on a particular Exotic before more Titan subclasses fall into the same predicament.


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Destiny 2: The Final Shape has added some new subclass-themed shaders to the game, but these are sure to cause controversy at some point.

Why the Ward of Dawn Titan Super Rework is Problematic in Destiny 2

This rework is said to differentiate the Titan's Ward of Dawn super from the Warlock's Well of Radiance super, so that Ward functions more as a defensive super while Well functions more as an offensive super. Bungie's TWID states: “[…] we're pushing Ward of Dawn away from its current attack power unless you specifically build it in.” This ultimately means that Ward of Dawn will no longer automatically provide players with the 25% damage bonus from Weapons of Light. However, this feature is still available through the Helm of Saint-14 exotic armor.

Considering that Weapons of Light were one of the main reasons players brought this Super into endgame content like dungeons and raids, Fate 2this rework will essentially force players to use the Saint-14 Exotic's helmet, severely limiting Titan's buildcrafting options. Otherwise, Titan's reworked Ward of Dawn super doesn't offer much more utility without this Exotic than Barricade shields with the Void Bastion Aspect, so Ward of Dawn is no longer a top-tier Titan build.

Sticky notes

  • Protection of the Dawn:
    • Armor of Light:
      • Armor of Light overshield removed. Ward of Dawn now instantly applies a full Void overshield to the caster and allies who enter its dome.
      • Instead, Armor of Light now grants players in the Cover of Dawn additional damage resistance: 30% against enemy players and 60% against enemy fighters.
        • The effective health of players inside the Ward of Dawn dome remains roughly the same as before compared to PvE combatants.
        • The effective health of players in the Ward of Dawn is significantly lower than before compared to other players in PvP and cannot be further increased by stacking Bastion Barricades in the ward to gain additional overshield layers.
      • Allies near the Ward of Dawn dome now have a time-percolating void overshield, similar to the volume behind a Bastion barricade.
      • No longer provides Weapons of Light by default. This behavior has been moved to the Saint-14th Helm perks.
      • The Ward of Dawn Wizard can now generate additional Orbs of Power by defeating enemies with melee attacks in or near their Ward of Dawn dome.

Destiny 2's Titan Supers rely heavily on special exotic armor

  • Burning Maul relies on Pyrogale Mantles
  • Thundercrash relies on Cuirass of the Fallen Star
  • Ward of Dawn relies on Helm of Saint-14
  • Blade Fury is based on Wormgod Caress or Synthoceps

What's particularly problematic is that Ward of Dawn isn't the only Titan Super that now suffers from relying on a specific exotic armor to be worthwhile in endgame content. Ultimately, most Titan Supers are overdue for a buff in future updates for Fate 2 that addresses this long-standing problem.