Dark and Darker is now free to play and finally back on Steam

It was a busy week for Dark and darker. Earlier this week it was announced that the game would be free to play, or at least part of it. However, that announcement came with a big question: whether or not this would herald a return to major online stores. We finally have an answer.

If you've been asking if Dark and Darker is on Steam, we can finally answer yes. The multiplayer RPG has returned to the store, just over a year after it was removed due to some legal issues. However, Dark and Darker hasn't gone away and during Summer Game Fest 2024, a new trailer was released along with the announcement that the free-to-play portion is returning to Steam.

Players can play normal dungeons without paying anything. These are slightly easier challenges that yield less loot but contain monsters and traps that are a bit more forgiving than the paid High Roller dungeons. The FPS PvPvE dungeon crawler lets you queue up in teams of one, two, or three players as you fight, loot, and escape with your goodies.

It seems that the return to Steam is being met with a positive response, as the game is already shooting up the player charts. At the time of writing, it has 4,619 players, but that number is constantly rising. Dark and Darker was originally released to huge player numbers, it remains to be seen if this new free version will have similar success.

Dark and Darker is free to play and available nowyou can visit Steam and the Epic Games Store and try it out for yourself.

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