Lifeway continues to support the music ministry through

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (BP) – After meeting with church music leaders, Lifeway Christian Resources announced it will continue to operate the website

Ben Mandrell, president and CEO of Lifeway, said he and the leadership team have greatly appreciated the feedback they have received over the past few months. “Since last fall, we have held hearings with over 200 church leaders from across the country,” Mandrell said. “Worship leaders told us this is their curriculum for teaching the people they lead in their congregations, and they rely on Lifeway Worship for theologically vetted music that inspires congregational singing.”

Mandrell continued, “Lifeway has decided to continue offering this important resource and provide new music arrangements for worship teams.”

Last summer, Lifeway announced it would close the website that offers arrangements, charts, sheet music, and other music resources for worship. In response to concerns raised by church leaders after that initial announcement, Lifeway decided to continue operating the website for another year while holding hearings with worship leaders. Those hearings were a catalyst for Lifeway's recent decision to continue operating the website going forward.

More than 200 church leaders from 10 states attended the hearings, while many others reached out via email and phone to express how much they appreciate the support Lifeway provides to their worship services through

“We underestimated the value this tool has for a significant portion of our churches,” Mandrell said. “The hearings not only underscored the value of, but also highlighted other ways Lifeway can support worship leaders in their ministries.”

“Lifeway is committed to our long-standing support of music leaders, and we want to ensure that continues in the years to come as we look for additional ways to support worship ministry,” said Mandrell. “I am very excited about the future of Lifeway Worship.”

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