DC film flop “The Flash” to stream on Netflix from June

The Lightning– the 2023 DC superhero flop starring Ezra Miller – is coming to Netflix in June.

Miller plays the role of Barry Allen – also known as The Flash – in the film, which was released in 4,234 theaters on June 16, 2023. According to Box Office Tracker The numbers, The Lightning grossed $108.167 million domestically and $158.382 million internationally, for a worldwide box office total of $266.5 million.

The LightningPer The numbershad a production budget of $200 million, although Screen Rant The funds needed to produce the film were estimated at $220 million.

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Since the production budget did not include marketing costs and other expenses, Screen Rant—at least in June 2023—estimated that The Lightning would need to generate $400 to $450 million to break even.

Doesn't matter, The Lightning is one of the films that will be released on Netflix in June and that fans of the DC superheroes will be able to stream from June 25th.

As films like Matt Damon’s box office hit The Great Wall or Jenna Ortega's film flop Miller's Girl has proven that Netflix is ​​a reliable streaming platform to bring even unsuccessful films to a new audience.

What is “The Flash” about?

The Lightning follows Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) as he tests the limits of his Speed ​​Force abilities by traveling back in time to prevent the murder of his mother (Maribel Verdú) and rehabilitate his father (Ron Livingston), who was wrongfully accused and convicted of the crime.

The Lightning Barry also finds himself in the midst of the DC superhero multiverse, where he encounters various versions of Batman – including Michael Keaton’s Caped Crusader from Tim Burton’s films – as well as Supergirl (Sasha Calle) and Henry Cavill’s man of Steel Archenemy General Zod (Michael Shannon).

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Various computer-generated versions of previous DC superheroes also appear in The Lightningincluding Helen Slater’s Supergirl, the Cavill and Christopher Reeve versions of Superman and Nicolas Cage’s Man of Steel from Burton’s cancelled Superman lives Movie.

The Lightning had a good reception with Rotten tomatoes Critics with a “fresh” rating of 63% based on 388 reviews. RT Users also as The Lightning “fresh” with an audience score of 83% based on over 5,000 verified reviews.

Viewers without a Netflix subscription can stream The Lightning elsewhere – at least until June 25th – on major streaming platforms such as Max and Prime Video.

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