Set photos from “Captain America 4” give rise to theories about Giancarlo Esposito’s surprise character

The first realization, of course, is that Esposito is not playing Professor Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men. Esposito as Professor X has been a fan favorite for some time, even after the actor told viewers his role would be unexpected. With the push of X-Men '97 And Deadpool and Wolverineand the many misdirections that MCU actors have made in the past, some people ignored his statements and did not give up hope.

Aside from the fact that Esposito isn't in a wheelchair (to be fair, Professor X often walks again in the comics), he looks a lot more aggressive than anything Xavier sported. Professor Xavier may be a jerk, but he's rarely shown it so openly.

Other speculations circulating on Twitter include General Reginald Fortean, a colleague of Thunderbolt Ross, played by Harrison Ford, replacing the late William Hurt in the role. While it might sound boring to cast Esposito as a random military guy, Fortean is set to become some sort of body horror monster in the comics, so that could be fun.

Given the links between Beautiful new world And The Falcon and the Winter Soldierit makes sense that Esposito plays a member of the LAF. The LAF featured in that show was a criminal group that took advantage of the post-Blip chaos to increase their profits. The leader of the LAF was Batroc, the jumping villain played by Georges St-Pierre, so it made sense that another villain would take Batroc's place.

Another theory suggests that Esposito is the Bushmaster, a name used by two different characters in the Marvel Universe. The first Bushmaster was a fairly ordinary villain who fought against Luke Cage and Iron Fist. In fact, Mustafa Shakir portrayed a gangster version of the first Bushmaster in the Luke Cage Netflix series.

The more likely choice is the second Bushmaster, who wears a green costume with long blades. This Bushmaster joined the Serpent Society, a team of snake assassins. We already know that the Serpent Society in Beautiful new worldwhich both supports and refutes the Bushmaster theory. On one hand, it makes sense for Bushmaster to be part of the film alongside other members of the Serpent Society. On the other hand, why wouldn't he already be cast? Why add him later, especially with an actor like Esposito in the role?