Pride Month: All Hollywood celebrities who have come out so far in 2024

Key Highlights

  • Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter of Ghost, bravely reveals his true identity at the age of 81

  • F1NN5TER, a popular Twitch streamer, talks about his journey

At a time when acceptance and inclusion are celebrated more than ever, some influential people have taken bold steps into the spotlight to reveal their true selves. In honor of Pride Month, here's a look at some of the celebrities who have come out as themselves so far in 2024.

Bruce Joel Rubin

81-year-old Bruce Joel Rubin, the well-known screenwriter of the popular film Ghost, revealed the truth in his memoir It's Only a Movie. After half a century of marriage, Rubin admitted that he was completely gay.

Rubin revealed: “I've definitely held back my sexuality. My sex life has always been very internalized. Of course you want an orgasmic life, but I had orgasms with Blanche. She and I had a good sex life. We had a relationship with a guy at our ashram that I liked. She had a private moment with him, and so did I. And I had a few other things going on on the side that I haven't written about because they might embarrass people. It's not like I was dead to this world. But I'm happily gay.”


Despite the many internal struggles and societal demands on him, Rubin felt that it was time to talk about his true self. So he let go of all the secrets and accepted himself.

Daniel Bedingfield

During one of his performances in London, singer Daniel Bedingfield (known for hits like Gotta Get Thru This) had an epiphany. Speaking about his song Borderline, he said: “I wrote this song with a man I loved, about a girl we both loved,” adding: “In my day, you had to be gay or straight, otherwise it went wrong.”

Bedingfield's honesty defies conventional norms about sexuality by emphasizing that love can be complicated and full of emotion.

Bethany Antonia

Bethany Antonia from House of the Dragon recently came out as a lesbian on Instagram despite being the victim of online trolling and racist abuse. By speaking out in times of need, Antonia is pushing for greater visibility within the LGBTQ+ communities and reinforcing the idea that love knows no boundaries.

Sophia Bush

Actress Sophia Bush finally addressed rumors about her relationship with soccer player Ashlyn Harris, acknowledging her journey of self-discovery. Initially hesitant to openly embrace her queer identity, Bush eventually fully identified with it and joined the LGBTQ+ community.

Matt Terry

Matt Terry won The X-Factor UK and used music to be honest when he released His Car, in which he detailed his first romantic relationship with another man. By speaking about his journey to self-acceptance, Terry encourages other people to live their lives authentically without fear or delay.


Famous Twitch streamer F1NN5TER revealed his gender identity by discussing his steps in realizing what being nonbinary means to him personally. As a gamer and bisexual, F1NN5TER's honesty about his gender broke societal norms and brought an understanding of acceptance to gaming communities and other spaces.

Jasmine Pineda

During the Tell All, 90 Day Fiancé sensation Jasmine Pineda shocked everyone by coming out as bisexual and admitting she was attracted to Nikki. Jasmine spoke openly about her past relationships with women and confirmed that she is not straight.

Grace Wilson

Australian rules footballer Grace Wilson broke barriers in the sporting world and became the first nonbinary person to come out publicly to subvert binary gender constraints. In her stirring statement, Wilson underscored the complexity of gender and identity dynamics.

Colin Grafton

Professional figure skater Colin Grafton, known for his eloquence on the ice, has decided it's time to let the cat out of the bag. Colin, a Pink News interviewee, longed for representation that would show his worth as a human being.

Renee Rapp

Singer and Mean Girls star Reneé Rapp has taken another step toward self-discovery when she came out as a lesbian. From coming out on social media to coming out on her own on her radio talk shows, Reneé inspires others with her openness.

Amanda Tori Meating

In season 16 of Drag Race, Amanda Tori Meating went into the competition with all guns blazing and showed just how funny she can be. For Amanda, the transition from her identity as nonbinary to transgender began through an experience on the show that helped her accept who she really was.

Tom Hollander

Tom Hollander, an actor known for playing a variety of roles, including gay ones, admitted in an interview that he is sexually flexible. Tom doesn't want to be tied down to any labels, but prefers to be open, like many other people.

Madame LaQueer

Former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant came out as transgender woman Madame Cassandra Uzumaki LaQueer, who had lived as a drag queen. Now, Cassie feels freer than ever and encourages others to live that way.

Parvati flat

Reality TV star Parvati Shallow has publicly celebrated her new relationship with comedian Mae Martin. With a series of snapshots on Instagram, Parvati proudly announced her identity and love.

Erika Casupana

Survivor champion Erika Casupana's coming out video was hailed as the funniest LGBTQ+ Instagram post of 2022. This happened in a video in which Erika poked fun at New Year's celebrations that captured the essence of accepting one's true self.

In this world that celebrates diversity, these stars are beacons of hope and inspiration for many who seek self-discovery. They remind us that it is never too late to understand our own personality or open our hearts to limitless love.