Were the recent Nintendo leaks caused by Google employees?

Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo

Leaks and rumors may be part of the “gaming business” these days, but that doesn't mean those whose secrets are spilled are laughable. In fact, many game developers and publishers have had to work hard over the years to limit the way people get information about their upcoming titles. Unfortunately, it never seems to be enough, as leakers, hackers, data miners, and others get the information anyway. A prime example of this was just posted on Twitter, as it seems that the reason we've been seeing so many Nintendo leaks lately is… Google.

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Yes, and in the literal sense of the word Google, not just its search engine. According to a post on Twitter and ResetEra, there were Google employees who took advantage of a specific data breach to get onto Nintendo's YouTube page and watch the “private” videos created there, and then shared information based on that.

For context, companies like The Big N upload trailers, gameplay videos, and announcement videos to their YouTube channels long before things like Directs or other presentations so they KNOW they're there and ready to release at the right time. So if anyone can see this “private backlog” of titles, that would reveal some pretty interesting things, wouldn't it?

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According to some insiders, this seems to be one of the main methods leakers have used to get information lately, and as we mentioned before, it's logical that they chose an info spot like this.

After Google was exposed for this, the company apparently stated that this type of “activity” by its employees was “not intentional.” Of course, this makes sense overall, since Google makes its money in numerous other ways and this isn't helping the company at all, but it's clear that they need to tighten the reins on some of their employees.

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Ironically, there have been a lot of leaks about Nintendo lately, including the upcoming games and specs of the Switch 2, or whatever it will be called. One of those leakers, Midiori, has been releasing a lot of leaked information lately and seems to be getting nervous about it:

It has been well documented in the past that The Big N doesn't like anyone leaking information and has gone to great lengths to punish those who believe they are damaging the company, so perhaps it's best for Midori and other leakers like her to keep a low profile for a while until the tension dies down.