Sydnie Christmas reveals her 'soul is destroyed' over Britain's Got Talent backlash

Britain's Got Talent winner Sydnie Christmas has spoken out about the negative reaction he has faced since winning the show on Saturday, admitting it was “soul-destroying”.

Sydnie Christmas named winner of Britain's Got Talent 2024

Britain's Got Talent winner Sydnie Christmas has spoken about the relentless abuse she faced.

In Sunday night's final, Sydnie beat ten other contestants with her own rendition of Over The Rainbow to become the first female contestant without a dog to win. But less than 24 hours after her victory, the 28-year-old was faced with allegations that the ITV show was rigged to help her win.

Some viewers claimed there were “telltale signs” that Sydnie was always going to win. “Am I the only one who noticed that Sydnie Christmas is one of the last to perform? They definitely rigged it so she wins #BGT,” said one X-user. A second wrote: “Let's see if they put Sydnie last to make sure she gets more votes. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent.”

“[The fix rumours are] just not true,” she said. Sydnie added: “Everything was real and I told my truth, so it's a doubt on me when I say it's not true. There's nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing [the doubt].” Sydnie told Metro that the rumours had made her feel “really shitty”.

Sydnie has spoken out about allegations that Britain's Got Talent was rigged((in English)

The Kent native continued: “It's devastating but there's nothing I can do to change their minds so I've had to split up. I'd love to talk to them but they're so angry there's nothing more I can do.” But after winning a life-changing £250,000, Sydnie still has no plan for how she'll spend her money.

Speaking to presenters Cat Deeley and Ben Shephard on This Morning, the shocked singer said: “It's not even about the money, it's just unbelievable,” to which host Ben replied: “Well, you haven't seen it in your bank account yet!” Sydnie added: “No, you kind of don't believe it!” When asked what she will be spending her money on, the winner said: “No idea!”, adding: “I loved my singing teacher at BGT, she was amazing and helped me through it. I said to her: 'I can afford you once a week now!' So I told her that,” to which Ben asked: “So the first thing is to book a load of lessons?”

Sydnie replied, “Yeah, absolutely! She made me a better singer in about two months than I was in my three years of college. She's just amazing and I just love her.” As she performed last, she told the pair, “I was last and I was like, 'No, why am I last? I have to get through this!' So I was pacing. I looked at it, I clapped, I went in to see Innocent. [Masuku]absolutely amazing, had me sobbing, I had to fix my makeup. I was like, 'How am I going to carry on now?' It was so good, everyone was amazing.”

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