A Google employee is reportedly behind a series of leaked Nintendo announcements

A series of leaked Nintendo announcements came from a Google employee who accessed private videos on the Switch maker's YouTube account.

This is according to 404 Media, which has access to an internal Google database containing thousands of potential privacy and security issues reported by employees between 2013 and 2018.

These include Google inadvertently collecting children's voice data, sharing ridesharing routes and home addresses, and YouTube making recommendations based on videos users have deleted from their history.

In one case, a Google employee allegedly accessed private videos on Nintendo's YouTube account and shared information in advance of the company's planned announcements.

In an internal interview, according to the leaked report, it was concluded that the activity was “not intentional.”

“At Google, employees can quickly flag potential product issues for review by the appropriate teams,” the company said in a statement to 404 Media. “When an employee submits the flag, it suggests the priority level to the reviewer.”

“The reports received from 404 are over six years old and are examples of these advisories – each one was reviewed and fixed at the time. In some cases, it turned out that these employee advisories were not problems at all, or that they were issues that employees had found with third-party services.”

Nintendo recently confirmed that it will announce its next console later this fiscal year, meaning the Switch's successor will be unveiled before April 2025.