Dig up the “dirt” with the premiere of Down The Lees’ “Dissolve” video

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There is no shortage of heavy bands, but playing as heavy and as skillfully as Down in the wind is rare. The noise rockers are proud to present their new live video for “Dissolve.“ It is from her recently released EP dirt (Off White House Records), which also includes the previously released single “Watering.” Simply put, this song is heavy as hell, but it also has a lot of melody. The front woman’s guitar playing Laura Lee Schultz is impressive, to say the least. Their riffs are thunderous and pack a punch. Their vocals are equally merciless and the band's raw energy is reminiscent of early grunge.

The music video stays true to the band's DIY DNA. Punk rock is the name of the game. For this clip, they used a mix of fan-made and professionally shot footage. They captured footage from their last three shows in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, all cities in the band's home province of British Columbia.

With a few words about “Dissolve” Schultz tells us:

“We love playing live – there's really nothing like it. The feedback and energy we get from the audience is incredible and really spurs us on. That's why we wanted to capture the audience's perspective for the 'Dissolve' video. Fans often post Instagram Stories that disappear after 24 hours, so I wanted to create something lasting, a moment in time that you can revisit. That is the essence of this video. Thanks for the premiere, Version 13!”

For the recording of dirtDown The Lees has continued to define its sound with a mix of the aforementioned thunderous guitars and pulsating rhythms. It has come a long way since it started as Schultz's solo project when she was living in Vancouver. It has now evolved into a trio with a drummer Andy Ashley and bassist Chris CarlsonThey have now released several albums, EPs and singles, with the great Steve Albini to come on board to help record their 2019 record, Bury the sun.

Schultz is an absolute phenomenon in many ways. You can check out our recent conversation with her about the global climate crisis. She's an artist with something to say, and she's always ready to rock out, which really isn't a better combination.

Down The Lees “Dirt”, photo by Mirabelle Van de Put