Pinterest releases its trend report for summer 2024

While some elements of the Pinterest Summer 2024 Trends Report won't necessarily be relevant to jewelry retailers (except in their personal lives), jewelry is a pretty important part of the report. Here we detail the biggest trends in fashion, beauty, decor and food for the coming season, based on the platform's search data.

If you had to boil down Pinterest's annual report to just a few keywords, they would be something like: “The bolder the better” and “The '90s and Y2K mania continues.”

Among the bold fashion trends for summer, searches for jewelry-related terms such as maximalist jewelry (up 3,460%), eclectic jewelry (+3.410%), chunky gold jewelry (+700%) and Necklace with pendant (+630%). Pinterest also saw a sharp increase in searches for Bag charm And Thigh jewelry– two categories that are relatively new in the jewelry sector or are making a comeback.

According to Pinterest, searches also dominate for maximalist aesthetics like “tomboy femme,” rocker chic, and corp-core (corporate-inspired styles). Pinners also seem to be interested in new (old) patterns and silhouettes, like leopard print, gingham, puff and balloon skirts, and stripes.

Outside of fashion, the report does not cover jewelry, but in general it confirms the increase in searches for styles from the 90s and Y2K eras. Trend terms such as Chunky highlights of the 2000s, Calico hair, 90s layered bobAnd Baby Braid Styles Remember the hairstyles of that time.

A rise in searches related to “fruity nails,” including brightly colored polishes and nail art, pairs well with bold, colorful jewelry featuring gemstones. Pinterest has also seen an interest in “dopamine-infused home decor,” which could indicate a continued demand for feel-good colors and happy themes in jewelry.

Overall, the report offers plenty of inspiration for the office and home. “Summer 2024 will be the season when we try out new trends and opt for a bold, colorful aesthetic,” says Pinterest.

“Trending searches show that people are taking a bold and fearless approach to showcasing their unique taste and personality in all facets of their lives,” the report said. “Summer 2024 is all about breaking away from convention and letting personal style shine.”

(Image via Pinterest)

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