Texas: 6-inch hailstorm on Sunday threatens state record

On Sunday, violent storms swept through the Texas Panhandle. Some of these supercells produced a few brief tornadoes and HUGE hailstones over 6 inches in diameter. The largest hailstone ever recorded in Texas was a 6.4 inch stone that fell in Hondo, west of San Antonio, on April 28, 2021. In May, a 6 inch hailstone fell in Johnson City, TX (west of Austin).

On Sunday night, 6-inch hailstones fell over Caprock Canyons State Park, about an hour and a half drive from Amarillo. Depending on confirmation, the National Weather Service office in Lubbock could record a new record for the state. The hailstones must be examined and confirmed before anything official is announced. Here's a look at some of the hailstones that fell in 2021, when the previous record was set.

Extreme instability helped the storms to become even stronger throughout the afternoon. Thunderstorms feed on this energy and thereby attract more air. This air is called a storm's updraft.

If the updraft is strong enough, raindrops can rise high enough to freeze and form hail. If the speed of our updraft is strong enough (over 80 miles per hour), hailstones will be lifted further into the cloud and grow until their weight becomes greater than the updraft and they fall to the ground.