Owners buy new playpen so that the puppy doesn’t run away anymore – he has other plans

A viral video showing how easily a puppy defies its owners and escapes from the new, large playpen they bought has thrilled internet users.

Keeping a puppy in one place is a difficult task, so Renee Grulkowski bought a playpen for her three-month-old golden retriever to use for naps. But when she saw Jett effortlessly climb over the metal railing, she quickly realized her mistake. So she bought another one that was 41 inches tall.

However, Grulkowski of Las Vegas, Nevada, was in for a surprise when Jett once again proved how stealthy he is and managed to escape from the even larger playpen. The golden retriever puppy never ceases to surprise his owners; Grulkowski told Newsweek that their pet keeps them busy every day.

After filming Jett's second escape, Grulkowski couldn't resist sharing it on TikTok (@theofloofiebrothers) to show her followers just how sneaky her pup can be. Since the video of Jett scaling the playpen, which is “15 inches taller than the first one,” was shared online, it has been viewed over 2.1 million times and garnered nearly 200,000 likes on TikTok.

Jett the Golden Retriever escapes from his large playpen. Jett's owners hoped the second playpen would be too big for him to climb into and escape, but it proved to be far too easy for him…

@theofloofiebrothers / TiKTok

“When I saw him escape again, I just thought that you can't leave him alone without being in a box,” Grulkowski said.

“The second time Jett escaped, he climbed onto our counter and knocked over every antique in his path. He's a smart dog and we definitely have our hands full. We have two Goldendoodles who are angels and have never done anything like this.”

Now that Jett has proven how easy it is to escape from a playpen, Grulkowski has “retired” the playpen and switched to a crate instead.

Jett only needs to go into the playpen for a nap, but he clearly doesn't want to stay there a moment longer than necessary. His owner said he was “trying to keep up with his older canine siblings.”

According to the Humane Society, there are many reasons why a dog might try to escape, including boredom, being a particularly active breed, a barren environment, or being left alone for long periods of time.

Much of this can be attributed to social isolation or frustration, so the Humane Society recommends that owners avoid these feelings. Increased socialization with people and other dogs can help physically and mentally, as can learning commands and obedience and engaging with toys.

Another way to prevent boredom is to rotate the toys in the crate or playpen. This will ensure that your dog is continually excited by his surroundings.

If a dog has separation anxiety, conditioning and using desensitization techniques can help. It's important to keep dogs safe in their homes, whether they're supervised or alone, as the Humane Society points out the injuries and dangers they can cause if they repeatedly escape.

The TikTok reaction

Grulkowski was delighted with the positive response to her video on the Internet and even though her puppy isn't up to any good, she is happy that Jett brightens up a lot of people's days.

“Almost all the comments are positive and laughing,” she said Newsweek. “A few people suggested we take his collar off, which we did immediately, but we also stopped using the playpen after he escaped again.”

Since the TikTok video went viral, it has already garnered nearly 1,100 comments in which social media users praise Jett's cheeky antics. One comment reads: “He really said challenge accepted.”

Another person responded, “He has a curious mind that cannot be taught. Let him live.”

A third TikTok user joked: “Trust me, the fur baby will figure it out.”

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