“America is definitely your ally,” Hollywood star Michael Douglas tells President Herzog after visiting the sites of the October 7 massacre

Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal meet with American actor Michael Douglas at the presidential residence in Jerusalem on June 2, 2024. (Photo: Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90)

Oscar-winning Hollywood star Michael Douglas visited Kibbutz Be'eri and the site of the terrorist attack at the Nova Music Festival on Sunday before traveling to Jerusalem where he met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

“We met with the hostages' families, we spent the day today in the south near Be'eri and we saw the Nova exhibition,” Douglas said. told Herzog, according to the President's office.

“It was hard to see what happened in Be'eri,” he said.

On October 7, Palestinian terrorists murdered more than 100 Israelis and took 30 hostages in the Gaza Strip, including Emily Hand, then 9 years old, who reunited with her father after 50 days in captivity.

Surviving children of the kibbutz told Attending 40 funerals of her friends and family members.

“It's a very difficult time. The deep shock of this whole experience. We're just happy to be here to support Israel and to let you know that America is definitely your ally, as our president has told you. I just hope that the final negotiations are successful and the hostages come back soon,” Douglas said.

Speaking to Herzog, Douglas said he felt “great shock” at the anti-Israel protests that have swept the United States, especially on the university campusin the months since the surprise invasion and terrorist attack by the terrorist group Hamas on Israeli communities near the border with the Gaza Strip.

“I think the big shock, besides this attack, both for Israel and for the United States and North America, was this Palestinian student movement, which was a shock to everyone, and it immediately made us wonder what kind of brainwashing these students were involved in. Because when you try to talk to many of them, there is no education, no knowledge,” said the Hollywood star. told Duke.

Herzog thanked Douglas in a post on 𝕏 for his solidarity with Israel.

“Michael Douglas is a legend of the screen. However, what he saw today in southern Israel is not a movie set. It is the scene of one of the worst crimes against humanity committed by brutal Hamas terrorists against peace-loving people. Thank you for coming to witness. Thank you for standing with the Israeli people. Michal and I had the honor of presenting you with the solidarity pin and chain in support of the hostages who must be released immediately,” Herzog said. wrote.

Douglas is the son of the late Jewish actor Kirk Douglas and was the recipient of Israel's 2015 Genesis Prize “for his professional achievements and his passion for his Jewish heritage and the Jewish state.”

Several American Jewish celebrities have visited the Gaza border area since October 7 in solidarity with Israel. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld said that his visit in December was “the most powerful experience of my life, I am sure of it.”