Missing Texas teenager Geneva Hodge found miles from Bellville after leaving suicide note to her family

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A missing 17-year-old from Texas was reunited with her mother more than 60 miles from home four days later after leaving a chilling suicide note on her pillow saying she would be gone for a “long time.”

According to KHOU, Geneva Hodge disappeared from her Bellville home on Wednesday morning and had already been missing for hours when her mother, Francis Schrader, discovered a bizarre note on her bed.

“'This will be the last time you hear from me for a very long time. It says: I love you, Mommy. I will always be your little girl,'” Schrader said in her daughter's note.

Geneva Hodge is found 63 miles from her home in Texas and reunited with her family after a desperate four-day search. Find Geneva Hodge / Facebook

The worried mother immediately feared that her daughter was in imminent danger and speculated that Hodge was persuaded or instructed in writing the note.

“Everyone has read this letter and is thinking, 'That's not Geneva. That's just not her,'” she said.

According to, the couple had an argument over an alleged romantic relationship with an older man before the teenager's disappearance, Schrader explained.

Her mother stated that during her disappearance, Hodge left her cell phone behind, did not take any clothes with her and did not use her debit card.

She was worried that her daughter, who was preparing for her senior year of high school, might become a victim of human trafficking after she was seen with an older man, reported.

The teenager left her mother a note on her pillow telling her she would be away for a “long time.” Find Geneva Hodge / Facebook

Luckily for the family, on Sunday – four days after Hodges disappeared – a stranger called the mother's number and told the teenager that they had found her daughter, using a sign that read “Missing!”

Schrader then drove to Spring, Texas, about 63 miles from her home, to pick up her daughter.

Bellville police confirmed that Hodge was found on Sunday.

When her mother, Frances Schrader (R), discovered the note, she feared her daughter might be in danger. Find Geneva Hodge / Facebook

“She's fine. She slept for a while today,” the teenager's mother told

Schrader said she was “completely heartbroken” when she discovered the message and there was no sign of her daughter.

“It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest,” she explained.

Schrader said she hadn't “smiled” since discovering her daughter's disappearance, but since her daughter was found, she has been “beaming.”

Bellville police confirmed that Hodge was found on Sunday. Find Geneva Hodge / Facebook

While there are few details about where Hodge has been for nearly a week, private investigator Colman Ryan, who worked with Schrader in the search for her daughter, told KHOU that there was something amiss about her disappearance.

“She says, and the people closest to her have said, this is not her, something is wrong here. I agree. Who would know better,” Ryan said.

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