YouTube star Rachel, a toddler, sparks new backlash after posting a video celebrating Pride Month

YouTube star Ms Rachel has once again sparked heated reactions after posting a video on social media to celebrate Pride Month.

The popular children's content creator, whose channel has nearly 10 million subscribers, posted the controversial clip on her TikTok account “MsRachelForLittles” on June 1.

“Happy birthday to all our wonderful family and friends! This month and every month, I celebrate you,” said Rachel Accurso, wearing a pink headband and colorful T-shirt.

“I'm so glad you're here. I'm so glad you are exactly who you are.”

The YouTube sensation, who apparently anticipated an outcry from a section of her audience after she faced fierce criticism from the Jewish community last month for omitting Israeli youth in a post about fundraising for children in global conflicts, added: “To anyone who wants to comment, you will no longer be able to watch this show because of this support, no worries and lots of love to you.”

YouTube sensation Rachel Accurso has sparked heated reactions after posting a Pride Month video on her social media
In the video, she said: “To everyone commenting, you can no longer watch the show because of this support, don't worry and all the best to you.”
Ms. Rachel is a popular children's content creator and has nearly 10 million followers on her YouTube channel (see image in one of her videos above).

“God bless you. I am not chasing fame or prestige, I am standing firm in love,” she concluded.

The video was subsequently shared by Daily Wire host Matt Walsh, who slammed Accurso on X (formerly Twitter) and urged parents to shop elsewhere.

“Ms. Rachel is an extremely popular YouTuber who creates content for babies and toddlers,” he wrote.

“She just posted a video celebrating Pride Month. This is a message to conservative parents. She wants nothing to do with you. You should respond accordingly.”

The post was viewed over 6.1 million times and received 3.4 thousand comments – mostly from outraged parents and conservatives.

“I’m never watching Miss Rachel again,” commented one user.

Another said: “This woman scares me and so do all the weirdos that appear on her shows. I tell my wife to turn her off every time I see her trying to piss her off.”

A third added: “As a father of two children who love Mrs Rachel, this makes me sad. Mrs Rachel will not be played in my house anymore.”

“This is the end of them. Never again. NEVER again. Boycott!” a fourth person responded to the post.

The latest wave of backlash against the YouTuber came just two weeks after Accurso was criticized for raising funds for children suffering from global conflict without mentioning Israeli youth.

The social media star claimed she was bullied after announcing a fundraiser for UK-based charity Save the Children, adding it “hurt so much” that people said she didn't care about all children.

In a social media post promoting the fundraiser, she said: “I will be making videos for the little ones and all the money I raise will go to Save the Children's emergency fund, which benefits children living in conflict zones in Gaza, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ukraine.”

“Children should never experience the horrors of war,” she added.

But while the personalized Cameos she offered were all snapped up within hours of her post going live—raising a staggering $49,500 in the process—she faced fierce criticism from members of the Jewish community.

“When I saw their fundraiser, it really touched me,” Jewish mother Moran Gold told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

She added: “I think it's wonderful when an educator tries to shed light on the children in Gaza, Sudan, Congo or Ukraine – but I don't understand why she, her team and Save the Children deliberately try never to mention Israeli children.”

Accurso responded to the backlash with a tearful social media video, in which she made it clear that she “cares deeply about all children,” adding, “That's who I am. I love my neighbor.”

The social media star, whose real name is Rachel Griffin Accurso, said she was bullied after announcing a fundraiser for UK-based charity Save the Children
She added that it “hurt so much” that people said she didn't care about all the children

“I love every child. Palestinian children, Israeli children, children in the United States – Muslim children, Jewish children, Christian children – all children in every country. Not one is excluded,” she said.

Accurso also sparked anger among her viewers when she claimed she was forced to take a “mental health timeout” after parents expressed outrage that her co-star Jules Hoffman asked to be addressed using the pronouns “they” and “them” on her show, which is watched predominantly by toddlers and young children.

She also admitted to being bullied online last September, claiming trolls targeted her because of her weight and appearance.

The teacher posted a video on Instagram in which she revealed that while studying for her second master's degree in education, she was criticized for her weight and told to “try to be prettier to teach toddlers.”

In an accompanying caption, she wrote: “I got a real comment last week… I have better qualifications to teach than to be skinny and pretty. And that's not my value! #moms #toddlermom #mommy #MrsRachel #beauty.”

Their YouTube bio states: “Our educational videos for kids are based on science and packed with learning standards to help preschoolers succeed! …”

“In addition to baby and toddler videos, we also have preschool videos for children. We also offer music lessons and teach sign language.”