“Please don’t do this to me again,” Millennials cry as the noughties makeup trend returns and is just as bad the second time around

Beauty trends come and go and many of us regret how we looked in our teens and early twenties.

If you lived through the early noughties, there's one look that's making a comeback, whether you're ready or not.

If you love bold lipstick, there is bad news for youPhoto credit: Getty Images
According to TikTok, concealer lips are making a comeback

Get ready to say goodbye to your favorite Kylie Jenner lip glosses and Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, because concealer lips are back in style.

For those who didn't walk around with chalky lips in the 2000s, the trend is to apply a small amount of concealer to the lips that matches your skin tone.

To make them look less matte, you can even apply some lip gloss over them.

While you may have flashbacks to high school, the nostalgic look has already been trending on Tiktok for the past few months.

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Beauty influencer @rachelray32 even said she was “obsessed” with the lip look when she shared a now-viral tutorial on the app.

“I'm obsessed with putting concealer on my lips,” she gushed as she applied a “dab” of concealer to her lips.

Of course, not everyone is convinced of the recurring trend.

In fact, comedian Erin Miller was so horrified by the recurring trend that she decided to make an entire sketch about it.

While sewing, the beauty guru hilariously filmed herself with mascara running down her face while she was handling a tube of legendary lip gloss.

Then she teased, “Don't forget to finish it off with Lancome Juicy Tubes.”

Needless to say, the video went viral, with over 258,000 people seeing it in less than 24 hours.

Of course, many people comment on the nostalgia trend.

One complained: “I REFUSE to accept the comeback of concealer lips, absolutely NOT.”

“Concealed lips always looked so crusty on me,” argued another, while others even joked that the original look had left scars.

A third wrote pointedly: “I have great PTSD from the concealer lips! Please don't do that to me again!

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Some even refused to take part, and a fourth said: “I didn't put lip concealer on the first time. And I definitely won't be putting any on this time.”

Understandably, however, others felt more nostalgic about using concealer on their lips.

As the video grew in popularity, one woman said she looked the same in the 2000s.

She explained: “[This] brought me right back – pretty sure I had that exact juicy tube.”

Many have resisted the nostalgic trend and refuse to return to concealer lipsPhoto credit: Tiktok/@overthemoonfaraway
Comedian Erin Miller even made a sketch about the trend on TikTokPhoto credit: Tiktok/@overthemoonfaraway

Others were taught the lip look by their loved ones and a fifth said: “My grandma taught me this in 2003 and she still does it.”

Another even revealed that she had kept the same lip gloss in her purse for decades.

She told others, “I remember the day my boss showed me the Juicy tubes, she was a QUEEN… I've had one in my purse ever since.”

Love it or hate it, concealer lipstick is here to stay.

Some even admitted to keeping the same iconic lip gloss from the noughtiesPhoto credit: LANCOME

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