Who are the best tight ends in G5 football in 2024?

The role of a tight end in general can change as the game of football changes. Their roles can also change dramatically depending on what offensive system their coaching staff wants to implement.

However, the best offenses in football manage to find tight ends who can make versatile contributions on the field. Of course, having the right size and temperament helps tremendously.

This week, G5 Football Daily Editor-in-Chief Joe Londergan and Editor Kevin Barral join 247Sports and Horns247's Eric Henry to give their thoughts on the G5 tight ends who will play, and in some cases continue to play, major roles in their respective offenses in 2024.

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JOE: 5. Anthony Torres (Toledo) 4. Eli Heidenreich (Navy) 3. John Michael Gyllenborg (Wyoming) 2. Sean Brown (Jacksonville State) 1. Harold Fannin Jr. (Bowling Green)

At 6'6″, Torres is one of those guys who is interesting not only because of his size, which makes him a very capable target for those longer throws into the end zone, but also because it looks like he wasn't used as much in college as he could have been. Last year, there was only one highlight video of him with Handful of gamesbut they were very impressive.

Given the variety of ways Navy can use him on offense, Heidenreich seems to be cheating a little, but he can certainly be a factor in the passing game and position himself closer to the line of scrimmage. Like Torres, he's had some big plays in key moments and should get even more playing time this year.

I had a hard time choosing my top three. They are all very good. Gyllenborg is another player whose 6'5″ size makes him dangerous on longer passes, but he can also block well. Brown is such a classic tight end, a powerful run blocker and a good target in the red zone. Ultimately, I settled on Harold Fannin Jr., who ranked sixth in the FBS among tight ends in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns last season. Fannin was also PFF's highest-rated tight end for 2023.

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KEVIN: 5. Alen Bauman (Tulane) 4. John Michael Gyllenborg (Wyoming) 3. Anthony Torres (Toledo) 2. Harold Fanin Jr. (Bowling Green) 1. Sean Brown (Jacksonville State)

Bauman's selection at number five may surprise some people, but it's more of a prediction. The 6'5″, 250-pound New Jersey native was extremely effective in the Green Wave's offense with five touchdowns and was the team's third-leading player in caught balls. Putting him at number five is still a conservative decision right now, but maybe that will change a year from now when we make this list.

Putting Torres third might be a stretch, but as Joe said, he's 6'6″ and 250 pounds. He finished third on the team in receptions and receiving yards. He also scored three touchdowns, but with the potential to do even more in 2024.

Sean Brown landed first on this list as he will potentially catch more passes from new quarterback Zion Turner. Although Jax State has a fast-paced offense, it still relies on the passing game as Brown caught 19 passes for 294 yards and five touchdowns. His 2023 season was good enough for second-team All-Conference. Holden Willis, who landed on the first team, also had a chance to make this list, but it seems like Jax State has a clearer picture of who they will be.

ERIC: 5. Josiah Miamen (Florida International), 4. Sean Brown (Jax State) 3. John Michael Gyllenborg (Wyoming) 2. Anthony Torres (Toledo) 1. Harold Fannin Jr. (Bowling Green State)

My fifth and fourth picks are easily debatable. Let's start with Sean Brown. The raw numbers aren't mind-blowing, but he's been consistently productive as a downfield threat and as someone who scores touchdowns. Had this discussion taken place last season, the selection of Josiah Miamen from FIU wouldn't have been too controversial. However, the Iowa transfer saw a dip in production as the Panthers acquired Air Force transfer Rocky Beers. Miamen is still an excellent all-around player who should find more targets in 2024.

The trio of Gyllenborg, Torres and Fannin Jr. provide their respective teams with unique playmakers who must draw the attention of opposing defenses. Torres' breakout 2023 after being in college since 2018 makes him a top-tier threat, and Fannin Jr. built on a promising freshman year by putting together a stellar sophomore season. If the 6-foot-4, 225-pound player puts up similar numbers (44 receptions, 623 yards) as a junior, he'll be playing on Sundays in 2025.