Controversial ex-intern Han Seo Hee receives backlash over her alleged phone lock screen featuring a male idol

“I need Han Seo Hee to leave him alone…”

Former intern Han Seo Hee is notorious for shaming celebrities, causing drama, and saying the most controversial things. She was recently criticized for using a male idol as her phone's lock screen.

Han Seo Hee

Recently, numerous photos of Han Seo Hee have been circulating on the Internet.

| @g_ocksdk/Twitter
| @g_ocksdk/Twitter

A post then attracted attention with the headline “Han Seo Hee’s wallpaper.” In the post, the OP had enlarged the image and claimed that Han Seo Hee’s wallpaper was actually a picture of NCT'S Jaehyun from a previous photo shoot.

When the photos were released, netizens couldn't contain their anger. Han Seo Hee is known for “ruining” Korean celebrities' lives, and they fear that NCT and Jaehyun could be the next target, as any photo like this would undoubtedly lead to “dating” rumors.

No, it's obvious she's bragging. This is really gross. Why does she keep spreading rumors all by herself? This is so pathetic and attention-seeking… I wish she would just go away.

— @ju_uuuuung

This person is seriously ill, it is a case of attention seeking. He really needs to go to a psychiatrist, get counseling and take medication. When someone does not receive attention in real human relationships, he becomes so desperate that even as an adult he resorts to such actions just to get attention.

— @MANGoNUgoori

However, it is not the only “drama” that Han Seo Hee has done for the NCT fanbase.

On June 2, a post was shared on a Korean forum showing that Han Seo Hee had posted a photo on Instagram with a dog that appeared to be identical to Haechan's dog. There were also alleged messages between the two that she shared on her social media account.

Han Seo Hee's Instagram post
NCT's Haechan with his dog

This caused a huge uproar and netizens accused her of attention seeking. You can read more about it below.

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