The top color trends for summer 2024 according to designers

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With longer days and the allure of a well-deserved paid vacation, summer is the perfect time to infuse your home with color. Summer 2024 color trends fit this year's theme of making bold design choices, and color is an easy and affordable way to embrace bolder interiors. This also means color can go beyond the four walls of a room. “Adding color to ceilings, cabinets or built-ins, interior doors, front doors, shutters and architectural accents unique to your home are great areas to make a statement,” explains Isabella Broglia, color expert at Dunn-Edwards DURA. In short? Color is powerful.

This season, familiar hues associated with summer (think coastal blues and soft pinks) and bolder tones like mustard yellow and dark brown are becoming increasingly popular. We're moving further away from cool tones and bold grays in favor of warm neutrals. Want to learn more? Read on for a deep dive into this summer's color trends, as championed by designers and painting professionals alike.

Gentle Blues

In June, decorating with coastal blues is a no-brainer. Grabbing a can of soft blue paint is a fantastic way to welcome the season, and Broglia suggests painting with Dunn-Edwards DURA's Marine Layer. “Evoking the ocean and warm summer days, this misty, light blue hue is the epitome of the season in my eyes,” she says. “This shade represents serenity and slower days and is sure to be seen everywhere this summer.” No matter where you live, a dreamy coastal blue will give your home the relaxed, easygoing vibe we all crave in the summer.

Pink and peach

If summer inspires you to experiment with color, you're not alone. “We see a significant increase in sales of brighter colors during the summer months,” says Nicole Gibbons, founder of Clare Paint. “Summer is the time when people are more willing to let their colorful spirit run wild and are therefore more likely to bring bolder colors into their homes.”

In particular, Gibbons points out that brighter shades of pink become more popular in the summer, which is in keeping with the playful spirit of the season. Summer is also the perfect time to use Pantone's color of the year, Peach Fuzz, if you haven't already. Bonus points for combining pink and peach!


Although you might think that summer color trends tend to be more pastel and lighter, bolder tones are also in vogue. Paulina Hospod of AhA Interiors was recently at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York and noticed a color trend that is sure to turn heads. “I've noticed quite a bit of interest in the muted or dark versions of mustard yellow, amber yellow or pumpkin yellow,” says Hospod.

Iantha Carley of Iantha Carley Interiors loves this shade and encourages her clients to be bold with their colour choices this season. “If you're less fearless when it comes to colour, don't be afraid to use dark tones, especially those with yellow undertones,” she says. “One of my favourites is Dragonwell by Ben Moore, which looks particularly beautiful in a sunny room as it changes colour during the day and evening. It's truly remarkable.”

Dark brown tones

Bold browns are on trend year-round, and Broglia is particularly fond of one shade that taps into two trends at once. “Lately, I've been loving the deep browns of Dunn-Edwards DURA's Bourbon Truffle, which has a surprising red hue,” she says. “With the 'unexpected red theory' becoming more popular, I think summer colors can mean more than just pastels, and this earthy shade is proof of that as we reconnect with the outside world this season.”


This year, deep purples like rich plum and amethyst have been popular, and Hospod is leaning toward lighter purples this summer, namely mauve. “I've seen a lot of mauve and Angelica by Benjamin Moore is one of my favorites,” she says. “I'm drawn to purple undertones in a lot of lighter shades overall. Another beautiful shade is Antique Pearl, which is a little lighter than Angelica.”

Creamy white wines

Let's face it, white walls are timeless. “Using a more neutral base gives you more wiggle room for other areas of your home,” notes Broglia. But not all whites are created equal, and this year, cool tones are out and warm tones are in. Broglia's white of choice? Dunn-Edwards DURA's Historic White. “This sandy neutral white is the perfect base color to bring an eclectic summer style to life through furniture and design,” she says. “This color is great because it's proven to be timeless and transcends trends.”

Another option? Chantilly Lace or Calm by Benjamin Moore are both Hospod favorites. “I use Calm when I want the room to look brighter and I don't want to use white,” she explains. “It has great purple and pink undertones, is warm, and blends well with other colors. It goes great with Chantilly Lace trim and provides just the right amount of contrast.”

Roman clay

Color trends for summer 2024 go beyond mere shades and hues. Brittany Farinas, CEO and Creative Director at House of One, notices that a particular plaster finish is making waves in the design world. “The biggest color trend we're seeing is 'Roman Clay' by Portola Paints,” she says. “Everyone is using it. It's like a Venetian-style matte plaster that's so versatile for different design styles.”

Roman Clay is a hybrid of paint and plaster that is applied with a spatula. It goes on smoothly and gives walls the look of stone, stucco or marble – very chic. It comes in light and dark colors and really works for any room. “It works well in a cozy lakeside cabin as well as a more organic, minimalist design aesthetic,” says Farinas.