Sofía Vergara wows in a strapless jumpsuit for the cover of the “Hollywood Reporter” and talks about the difficulties she had while filming “Griselda” – “I don't know if I'll survive this”

Sofia Vergara appears on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter for a new edition of The Hollywood Reporter's Round Table, next to Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, Anna-Lena SchröderAnd Jodie FosterCheck out the cover and some of the editorial images here.

The women were photographed by Paola Kudacki at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica for the sensational cover and they all wore stunning cream-colored ensembles. The America's Got Talent The 51-year-old judge wore a strapless cream jumpsuit, which the pub said she brought to the photoshoot from her own collection. She knows what looks good, you have to give her that!

She accessorized with gold earrings that could be seen through her shiny brunette locks, which Clariss Rubenstein wore in an open, curly hairstyle with a middle parting. Make-up artist Sabrina Bedrani was also bold with her make-up, wearing dark smokey eyes and soft brown lips thanks to dark eyeliner and large, fluttering eyelashes.

Sofía Vergara tells Jimmy Kimmel about her “Hollywood Reporter” cover

The Modern family Alum said Jimmy Kimmel that the cover shoot came less than two weeks after her extensive knee surgery and her team wondered if she should pass on it. According to Vergara, who was using a walker at the time, her team said, “We think you're not in good shape, you don't look good.” But she was determined not to pass up the opportunity to share a cover with the aforementioned Hollywood legends!

“They put my leg up on a pillow and obviously they cut my leg open. [from the cover photo]” she said, before explaining her choice of dress in more detail. Vergara recalled being told to show up in “business casual” attire, which she interpreted in her own Sofía Vergara way!

“Look at what I'm wearing,” she joked on the show. “To me, this is business,” she continued, adding, “Look at everyone! They look like they're praying. I'm thinking, what line of work are they in? None of them work in church or the bank. To me, this is business casual.”

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Sofia Vergara as Griselda


Sofía Vergara talks about “Griselda”

The Hot chase The actress is used to looking ultra-glamorous, but she really surprised people when she transformed into the role of notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco in the critically acclaimed bilingual Netflix crime series. Griselda.

Vergara spoke about some of the challenges of the role – including constant smoking, even though Vergara herself was a lifelong non-smoker – and recalled how she enlisted the help of Jennifer Aniston's acting coach Nancy Banks to prepare for the role.

“I only have Modern familyreally, so I didn't know what I was getting myself into,” Vergara confessed. “And when I got there, I realized this is different, and it's hard when you have to cry and kill and choke and snort cocaine and drink alcohol. And I had never touched a cigarette in my life. Ever.”

Sofia Vergara as Griselda behind the scenes


She added: “I had to learn to smoke, and I was 50 years old, and you're seen smoking in every single scene. OK. For the first three weeks I went home and didn't know what was wrong with me.”

Vergara also freely admitted that every day after filming ended, she found it difficult to rest and recharge her batteries: “I couldn't sleep.”

She then described some of her steps, adding, “I decided to take Xanax because I had to get up the next day. Either I start sleeping or I die. I also talked to Nancy. I said, 'Nancy, I don't know if I can make it through this.' She said, 'You're an actress now.'”