Crash Team Racing for PS1 returns with free-to-play online multiplayer

A new mod has added multiplayer to the original Crash Team Racing

Modders are always breathing new life into older games, sometimes adding brand new features to the game, and now a modder has done the same with the original Crash Team Race from 1999, which added an online multiplayer mode to the game.

Crash Team Race was first released for the original PlayStation in 1999 and sold over a million copies. After a new remaster breathed new life into the game in 2019, fans have incorporated online multiplayer into the original version of the game so fans can play with the original graphics and controls. The title also has much higher frame rates than the original game and better graphical fidelity than the original PS1 title.

You can download the mod via the development team's Discord server. The mod itself requires you to be able to copy the original game to your PC so you can patch it, but it's worth it to have access to online multiplayer. There are servers all over the world, and perhaps best of all, all characters and all tracks have been unlocked from the start, so players don't have to mess around and unlock the specific characters they want to play with their friends.

The mod itself consists of over 650,000 lines of code and according to the mod's official website, the development team is also currently working on an online adventure mode, which is not yet available in this version of the game but will be released later with a patch.

Photo credit: Sony

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