The film “Return to Silent Hill” offers a taste of the live-action films of James Sunderland, Pyramid Head and more

silent Hill Fans are living their best lives – somehow, anyway. During the Silent Hill Transmission livestream on May 31st Konami gave a special look behind the scenes of the upcoming Return to Silent Hill Film with footage from the set, commented by director Christophe Gans.

According to the filmmaker, the film stays true to the story of the second game in the series and follows James Sunderland (Jeremy Irvine, Warhorse) in search of his lost love Mary (Hannah Emily Anderson, puzzle), in the titular city. Upon arrival, the character must fend off various terrifying creatures as he learns the true nature of the city. “It's become something like hell,” Gans says in the video.

The preview offers an in-depth look at James, alongside familiar sights like murderous nurse creatures and the iconic pyramid head. Even more notably, each of these monsters is played by a dancer, with Gans explaining that their flexibility lends a disturbing, inhuman quality to the natural movement.

Preview of Return to Silent Hill

Return to Silent Hill has no release date yet, but the video game remake of Silent Hill 2 will be released on October 8 for PS5 and PC. At the same event, a 13-minute gameplay showcase was presented, highlighting familiar scenes and slight changes, as well as pre-order bonuses for various editions.