Johnny Depp stars in the Monty Python star’s new film

In recent years, Johnny Depp has been involved in several high-profile legal battles, most notably his dispute with ex-wife Amber Heard. These legal problems led to a significant decline in his career prospects and he has only appeared in a handful of projects since then. However, he is now set to star in Terry Gilliam's new film. The carnival at the end of days.

Gilliam and Depp first worked together in 1998 on Fear and terror in Las Vegaswith the actor playing Raoul Duke, a fictionalized version of Hunter S. Thompson. They reunited for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in 2009, playing a variation of a character also played by Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell and Jude Law in the film.

The Carnival at the End of Days will be Gilliam's first film since 2018 The man who killed Don Quixote. The director, who became known as a member of Monty Python, has made films such as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Brazil, 12 MonkeysAnd Time bandits.

In conversation with premiereGilliam revealed some exclusive news about his upcoming film, which will star Depp, Jason Momoa, Jeff Bridges and Adam Driver. He revealed that Depp will play Satan, while Bridges will portray his counterpart, God.

The filmmaker called the film a “comedy in which God decides to destroy humanity. And the only one who tries to save us is Satan. Because he needs people in hell, otherwise he will have no work for eternity.”

Gilliam also gave a preview of the tone of the film, explaining, “It's going to be very funny for those who like to be offended.” He seems to have a somewhat unusual interpretation of the character of God in mind, revealing, “He's not going to be the God we're used to.”

The director added: “In the film, God is nature, but a nature that can talk to you. I will need animation to bring him to life, because in the scene with God there are at least fifteen animals. It will be complicated because it has to be realistic. And it will be very expensive!”

The film is still a while away, with shooting “slated for next January.” However, Gilliam has assured fans that he has a “pretty good cast” and seems excited to get his new project rolling.

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