Latest NBA coaching rumors: Thibodeau extends, Jeff Van Gundy could return, Ham, Redick

While talk of transfers and free agents in the NBA is becoming increasingly heated, rumors and reports about coaches have been and remain hot.

Here are some of the latest news and notes, courtesy of Marc Stein and his indispensable newsletter.

• Tom Thibodeau will “virtually” get an extension. This is not surprising at all, but Stein confirms what everyone knows and expects: The New York Knicks will negotiate a contract extension with Tom Thibodeau. Stone says This will be at “market value,” which for him is over $10 million per season. Leon Rose and the Knicks' front office have built a roster with players that fit Thibodeau's game plan and style, a roster that earned them the second seed in the East and the second round of the playoffs (where injuries knocked them out). If you don't let that coach go, if you lock him up, everyone knows it's coming.

• Should the Celtics ask Jeff Van Gundy to join the team? After the end of the NBA Finals, Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla has to replace his team’s lead assistant because Charles Lee moves down the Atlantic coast to Charlotte to take over the HornetsCould that replacement be former NBA head coach and current Celtics consultant Jeff Van Gundy? From Stone:

“…there is already some curiosity in coaching circles as to whether Boston will explore the possibility of Van Gundy moving to the bench and serving as Joe Mazzulla's day-to-day assistant.”

“Exploring the prospects” and benching Van Gundy next season are two very different things. It seems unlikely that will ultimately happen. But in the NBA, you never say never.

• Budenholzer tried to bring Darvin Ham onto his Phoenix staff. Darvin Ham spent nine seasons as Mike Budenholzer's assistant in Atlanta and Milwaukee. With Coach Bud assembling a new staff in Phoenix and Ham unemployed after being fired from the Lakers, Budenholzer approached Ham to ask if he would join the Suns. After two long seasons in Los Angeles, Ham declined. Stein reports.

• The rumors that JJ Redick will coach the Lakers are getting louder. Rob Pelinka and the Lakers' front office are taking their time finding a new coach, conducting multiple interviews for the job. However, multiple league sources have told NBC Sports that rumors are getting louder that JJ Redick will ultimately get the job. Although LeBron James and his agent Rich Paul have said he is not involved in the coaching search, the perception (at least) is that Redick is the one he wants, and LeBron may be a free agent this summer, so there is an upside. Anthony Davis (another Rich Paul/Klutch client) will also have a say in the hiring, but seems to be getting along well with Redick (Davis wasn't a big fan of Ham). Whether there is a consensus among Lakers decision-makers regarding Redick yet is debatable, but all signs point to the Lakers leaning toward the former player and current podcaster/broadcaster (Redick will be part of ABC's team that broadcasts the NBA Finals, so an announcement could be delayed until after the Finals are over).