Israeli sports unicorn rebrands itself and promises to change the game

At a company event last week attended by over 500 employees in Israel and around the world, CEO Daniel Shichman unveiled the next phase of the company's strategy and new products that will help sports organizations create personalized content for their fans.

Shichman, a former basketball player, founded the company with his partners in 2006 and it soon became Israel's first sports technology unicorn. Today, the company has over 460 major customers, including international broadcast rights holders, leagues and tournaments in more than 40 sports, and numerous sports teams from around the world.

Just days after announcing the formation of a Gen-AI division and extensive recruitment, new branding was unveiled under the slogan “Fuel The Fandom,” including a new logo, new imagery, and an impressively designed website.

“Over the past decade and since the company's inception, we have strived to redefine the sports media landscape through AI technology. It gives us great pride to say that today our platform has become a standard in the global sports industry,” Shichman said at the event.

As an Israeli, it is difficult to overlook the shade of yellow chosen for the company's branding, which today means so much, even if it is not explicitly mentioned. Since October 7, several Israeli companies, including the insurance company AIG and the shopping center chain BIG, have changed their logo color to yellow in protest against the return of the prisoners.

AI-based content solutions

As part of the next phase of growth, WSC Sports officially presents three new solutions for its product offering:

In-app stories – A product that enables sports organizations to integrate a vertical video experience similar to TikTok/Reels into their digital platforms, allowing fans to interact with content in a way similar to popular social media platforms. In-App Stories allows organizations to create personalized content for each fan and enhance the user experience using data on individual preferences and consumption habits.

All about the game – Expands the company's AI capabilities and covers in-game content to automate every aspect of the game, including fan reactions, player entries, sponsor logos, interviews, press conferences and studio shows. This allows sports organizations to centralize all assets on one platform, easily search and identify interesting storylines and automatically curate any content fans want to create, enabling new combinations of content that were previously difficult to identify in and around the game.

Discovery Network – Increases content exposure for rights holders by reaching fans through third-party sports assets. This approach provides opportunities to reach new fans and explore monetization opportunities, as well as gain full control over content distribution management, create exposure, drive traffic and maximize monetization opportunities.

According to the company, the three new solutions are designed to open up new revenue streams for broadcast rights holders and sports organizations across various digital platforms, improve the fan experience and grow their international fan base.

The Holy Trinity: Fans, Teams and Media

Shichman: “We felt it was fitting to announce the next phase of the company's growth, which includes a realignment that puts our love of sport and the importance of fans at the center, as well as a range of products that will write a new story for sports fans worldwide. We are entering a new era of exciting technologies that will enable the highest level of content integration and viewing experience across all platforms, from the game itself and even beyond. Creating advanced, AI-based sports content that aims to deepen the connections between fans and sports organizations while generating additional revenue will take us into the next phase of the industry's future.”

Racheli Manor, Head of Branding at the company: “We are excited to unveil the company's new branding, which represents our growth and development and combines the excellence we have achieved with the innovation we continue to bring to the media and sports industry. The new brand strategy connects us more closely with our community of fans and customers. Our goal was to create a brand that reflects the company's values ​​and vision, as well as being relevant and inspiring. We believe the new brand strengthens our connection with our partners and will support our continued development.”