Who is Nitheesha Kandula? 23-year-old Indian student missing in California

23-year-old Indian student Nitheesha Kandula was reported missing in California. Nitheesha, who attends California State University, San Bernardino (CSUBS), was last seen in Los Angeles on May 28, after which local authorities began searching for her. Two days later, on May 30, her disappearance was officially reported to authorities, marking the beginning of a meticulous search for the missing student.

Kandula is described as 5'6″ tall, weighing approximately 165 pounds, with black hair and black eyes. She is believed to have been driving a 2021 Toyota Corolla, but the color of the vehicle is unknown.

Apply for public support

California State University, San Bernardino police, in conjunction with LAPD, have asked the public for any information that could help locate Nitheesha. On Sunday, CSUSB Police Chief John Guttierez posted on X.

“#MissingPersonAlert: The California State University, San Bernardino Police Department, along with our partners at #LAPD, are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of @CSUBNews Nitheesha Kandula to contact us at (909) 537-5165,” police said.

Kandula, an Indian studying in California, is originally from Hyderabad. She was one of several Indian students at Cal State University, San Bernardino who study abroad every year to pursue better academic and professional opportunities. Her family and friends are devastated by her sudden absence and are seeking help on social media.

The Indian Consulate in San Francisco has notified local authorities and offered to work with them to expedite the investigation. In addition, they have issued a statement urging Indians living in the area to be cautious and report any unusual activity or information to help in the search for Kandula.

Similar cases

Kandula's disappearance is not an uncommon incident among Indian students in the US this year. Unfortunately, there have been several other incidents identical to hers:

  • Rupesh Chandra Chintakind (26): Reported missing in Chicago.
  • Mohammad Abdul Arfath (25): Found dead in Cleveland.
  • Amarnath Ghosh (34): Fatally shot in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Sameer Kamath (23): Found dead in a wildlife sanctuary in Indiana.
  • Vivek Taneja (41): Suffered life-threatening injuries in an attack in Washington.
  • Akul Dhawan (18): Found unconscious outside a campus building in Illinois.