Celtics star sends a message to his former teammate before the NBA Finals

Marcus Smart may no longer be a member of the Boston Celtics, but he will remain a lifelong teammate of teammates Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Without Smart on the court, Brown and Tatum had to step in as leaders, and that's exactly what they did this season as the team reached the NBA Finals.

When Jaylen Brown was asked about his leadership this season, the young All-Star gave a shout-out to Marcus Smart.

“Yeah, we had some guys leave, so I wanted to make sure that void was filled,” Brown said. “Marcus Smart, one of my brothers who was traded, was one of the voices of our team. When he wasn't there, I wanted to make sure I stepped in. I wanted to make sure everyone understood me and everyone knew what the standard was. And we didn't miss a step all season. I think we played the right way every single game, I held everyone accountable, and that's the byproduct.”

These NBA Finals will be the ultimate test for Brown and the Celtics. For the Celtics with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, there is nothing left to accomplish except win an NBA championship. They have reached the Conference Finals multiple times, reached the NBA Finals in 2022 and have 64 wins this season. The team had a cakewalk to the Finals and will face a fifth-seeded Mavericks team. There are no more excuses and it's simply time to win.

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